Web Development

Design and Development are terms often used loosely and interchangeably in discussions about web projects. However, each has a different meaning, and each refers to a differing set of tasks and objectives.

Web development takes over where design ends. Development almost always involves utilizing databases to provide functionality. User accounts, eCommerce, dynamic content, and client-editable content, are all examples of functions that are provided through development rather than design.

Although design and development each has distinctive and differing tasks, a smooth workflow between a designer and a developer is essential, and best achieved when each understands the basics of the other. Since design can best be summarized as “appearance” and development refers to “functionality”, it becomes easier to not only see how each is different, but to realize how closely they work together.

Some examples of design and development functions are as follows:


  • Concept design
  • Art and logo creation
  • Font and color selections
  • Imagery
  • Conversion to HTML
  • Simple form processing
  • User authentication
  • Content management solutions
  • eCommerce shopping carts
  • Image galleries
  • Permissions-based content
  • Product catalogs
  • Custom applications

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